Are you ready to fly to Neverland?

There’s trouble in Neverland! Wendy and the lost boys need your help. Captain Hook has captured the three children and lured Pan into a trap. Wendy has found a way to communicate from Neverland through a magic mirror. She enlists you and your friends to come to Neverland and find the treasure map that Captain Hook is looking for. First, you’ll need a little pixie dust. You must call for Tinkerbell to help you on your journey. Your adventure takes you from the Children’s Nursery to Neverland itself, and even to Captain Hooks ship! Will you be able to outwit the notorious Captain Hook? Can you free the Children? Get ready to fly to Neverland for the adventure of a lifetime!

*COVID-19 UPDATE: Every room will be private. You will not be placed in an Escape Room with people you don’t know. All rooms are sanitized between sessions.

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your booking so we may get you into the room on time. If you are late, your timer will start 10 minutes after the booked time.

Book Now Pirates of the Seas Escape Room Novi

Numbers of Players: 2-8*

Time Frame: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Moderate (Kid Friendly)
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Age Recommend: All ages

Price: $35/person

Wheelchair Accessible: See FAQ for more information


*(Friday through Sunday, we require groups of 4 or more)*

Escape Room Novi

44325 W 12 Mile, Suite H175
Novi, MI 48377

Phone: (248) 308-2500

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Friday​     3:00PM – 9:45PM
Saturdays      12:00PM – 9:45PM

Special Hours:

Memorial Day 5/27:     CLOSED
Independence Day 7/4:     CLOSED