Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You and your group will be taken into an Escape Room by one of our staff members which we call ‘Game Masters’. They will give you an introduction which includes rules and story information and then there will be an introduction video and your game master will leave, watching the group via cameras and microphones in the back room. You will then have 60 minutes to look around, find clues and escape. 

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an immersive game experience where you work as a team to find items, solve clues and complete puzzles to complete an objective or to “escape the room”. You may need to use simple math, logic or physical ability to complete some of the puzzles.

Some of our puzzles may include numbers, letters, words, colors, scents and touch. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us for more information – we have workarounds for most issues.

Am I really locked in the room?

No. In most of our games, the door you enter the game is always open so you can leave or use the bathroom at any point. Note – The Elevator mini-game has a door which closes when the game begins to mimic an elevator, however there is a button which will stop the game and open the door if needed.

How long is an Escape Room?

Roughly 1 hour and 10 mins – each game consists of a 5 minute introduction, 60 minutes of game play and a 5 minute outro. We ask groups to arrive 10 minutes in advance to allow time for the group to use the restroom if needed and to complete waivers. We also have two mini games which are ‘The Butcher’ and ‘The Elevator’ which are both 15 minutes long. 

How many people can do an Escape Room?

Monday through Thursday, the minimum is 2 people but on Weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) we have a minimum occupancy of 4 people. Each game has a capacity of 6-10 people depending on the game theme. 

Will I be in the room with strangers?

Since March 2020 all of our rooms are private – you will not be put into a room with people you don’t know. 

What is the maximum number of people who can do an Escape Room?

Normally 6-10 people per game but we also accommodate larger parties by splitting groups up into multiple rooms which start at similar times. By breaking into smaller groups, we can accommodate 70-80 people at the same time. 

Are Escape Rooms suitable for kids?

Yes – most of our rooms are suited to families and groups with kids, however if there will not be an adult present, we would recommend choosing Candy Factory or Neverland as these rooms are more appropriate. The Illusionist is a good option but has some flickering lights, lightning effects and an Ouija board which some kids do not like. We charge admission for ages 5 and up.

Can I walk in or do I have to book?

We recommend a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment however if there is availability, we allow walk-ins.

What are your COVID protocols?

For your safety and peace of mind, every room will be private. You will not be placed in an Escape Room with people you don’t know. All rooms will be sanitized between sessions.

Are Escape Rooms scary?

Each Escape Room has a different theme and storyline. Some themes have spooky elements such as dim lighting, flickering lights, a ouija board…which depending on the group and age of the players can be deemed as scary. Some themes have scary elements such as doors that bang, panels which open loudly or even an optional live actor (only in Cabin in the Woods).

Are Escape Rooms difficult?

Escape Rooms are meant to be a fun but challenging experience. Difficulty all depends on the participating group and their experience with puzzles. Each game has different puzzles so each room is different.

If you are new to Escape Rooms we recommend The Illusionist or Candy Factory as these have the highest escape rates.

What happens if you don’t escape?

When the timer is over, your Game Master (your host) will come into the room and tell you what the next thing you needed to do was. We won’t tell you everything in case you want to return and try again. 

How much is an Escape Room?

$35 per person. Mini Games are $10 per person.

Do you have Corporate Packages?

Yes – we can accommodate groups of 70-80 people. Depending on when you are looking to come in, we might be able to make special accommodations to open early especially for you. We also work with The HUB (next door) and offer food and beverage packages. 

Do you offer Birthday Parties?

Yes – we have a party room which seats 12-15 people. Party room rental includes 2 x 1 topping pizzas and 2 x 2 liter of pop along with paper plates, plastic ware, tablecloths and cups. Please see the ‘Parties’ section of the website by clicking the link at the top of this page. 

What if I am running late?

If you are late, your 60 minute timer will automatically start 10 minutes after the reservation time. Once you arrive and waivers are completed, we can add you into the room to continue the game with whatever time is remaining. 

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes – you can order gift cards on our website and once purchased they will be ready immediately to print. 

Do you have more Escape Rooms?

We typically replace 1-2 games per year but we have 5 other Escape Rooms at our second location in Brighton – which is 20 minutes West of Novi. 

Can you come to my house/party?

Yes – we have a fleet of 6 mobile escape room trailers and 6 mobile escape room tents which we can bring to your location. For more information visit www.mobileescaperoommi.com

Are Escape Rooms accessible?

All of our rooms are ADA accessible however some rooms may be easier to navigate than others. Each room’s website has an Accessibility Guide to help you decide which room to book. All of our bathrooms are also ADA accessible.

We do not recommend Neverland due to the faux grass flooring and a half size door which may be difficult for some participants to navigate. We also do not recommend The Gate as its second room contains a floor with loose rocks and gravel, which may be difficult to navigate for some participants.

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