Ahoy Mateys! Be careful on the high seas!

You’ve been captured by a group of pirates who are testing you to see if you’re worthy of joining the pirate crew or if you should be made to walk the plank into shark infested waters. You must break out of your cell and get into the captain’s quarters and get the directions to sail to your destination and prove your worth. Arrrrr you ready?

*COVID-19 UPDATE: Every room will be private. You will not be placed in an Escape Room with people you don’t know. All rooms are sanitized between sessions. All our staff will be wearing masks. 

Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your booking so we may get you into the room on time. If you are late, your timer will start 10 minutes after the booked time.

Book Now Pirates of the Seas Escape Room Novi

Numbers of Players: 2-8*

Time Frame: 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Easy (Kid Friendly)
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Age Recommend: All ages

Price: $32/person


*(Friday through Sunday, we require groups of 4 or more)*

Escape Room Novi

44325 W 12 Mile Ste H175
Novi, MI 48377

Phone: (248) 308-2500

Opening Hours:

Sunday to Friday​ 3:00PM – 9:45PM
Saturdays 12:00PM – 9:45PM