Mobile Escape

Escape Room Novi is coming to you!

Two different escapes, completely mobile and perfect for your next holiday or work party. Call now to book your mobile event for the Holiday season!

Exit Protocol

A top level CIA field office has been compromised. The operative has been told to initiate the EXIT PROTOCOL. All attempts to reach him have failed. It’s imperative that the classified information at the location be retrieved and the office neutralized. You have 30 minutes to secure the classified agent information and execute the evacuation procedure.

2 Hour Minimum | Price: $175 Per Hour

The Hot Seat

Do You Have What It Takes?

Test your skills in this 2-minute game. Can you get out of our dangerous gas chamber while the world watches you? This fast-paced adrenaline-filled game will take every bit of luck as you scramble to find your way off of the HOT SEAT.

2 Hour Minimum | Price: $150 Per Hour