Find The Evidence...
Before He Finds You!

Numbers of Players: 2-8

Time Frame: 60 Minutes


Recommended Age: 18+

Price: $25/person


 St Agnes Asylum Escape Room Novi

St. Agnes Asylum for the Criminally Insane opened in the 1940’s under the direction of Doctor Charles D’Avignon.  Over the years working with some of the sickest minds imaginable, Dr. D’Avignon stopped seeing them as people.  He became obsessed with finding a cure for the madness that drove his charges to kill and torture.  Certain that he could fix the minds of the criminally deranged, Dr. D’Avignon began to experiment on the very inmates he was charged with protecting and treating.  In the early 1970’s, St. Agnes Asylum was closed after an unprecedented patient uprising.  Dr. D’Avignon was never seen again.  Legend has it, he haunts the halls of the abandoned asylum, still looking for sick minds on which he can perform his experiments.

You thought you saw someone inside.  You foolishly ventured in to help.  Now you must live with the consequences… if you’re lucky.

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